Joycelyn John, IAT, WTS

photoIMG_0274Joycelyn John I.A.T., W.T.S.
Hair Health & Vitality Clinic
97 High Street
Berkshire SL6 7JX
T: 01753 662244; F: 01753 665200

I am medically trained with a comprehensive understanding of problems and concerns relating to all hair types.

I am also a qualified hairdresser/ Trichologist specialising in all hair scalp and hair problems.

I commenenced by studies and training with the Institue of Trichologists in London and transferred to the International Association of Trichologists California. I graduated with the International Association of Trichologists, which administers the trichology course developed at the University of Southern California in 1974.

I discovered an interest in 2001 after opening my Salon PLAZMA KUTZ and came across many problems of which I was able to give correct adive for but was unable to treat or prescribe direct treatments.

I specialise  in  advising and treating both cosmetic and medical hair problems in men, women and children I have seen a wide range of problems from traction  hair loss, hair breakage and chemical damage to medical conditions such as cicatrical alopecia, psychological hair pulling, inflammatory conditions and scalp infections.

I am confident I will  provide a professional service to all of my patients as I have built up a credibility work life balance relationship throughout my professional life.

I have gained credibility  and a professional working relationships with Health care practioners, hospitals, health and wellness, suport groups and salons throughout the UK and abroad and works closely with them to ensure their patients and  clients hair soloutions are treated and maintained by a professional trichologist at all times followed by a quarterly review.



I am a qualified EXPERT WITNESS PRACTISING ASSOCIATE (AMAE) and a member of the Academy of Experts (London) after under going a full comprehensive training in 2013.

Hair Health Legal is an independent expert witness and adviser able to able to advise you from the full services within the Trichological field. No two patients are alike; therefore our clients receive written advice that is tailored to their client’s individual requirements.

I pride myself as a friendly professional with a sound philosophy and offer:

Professional and courteous attention

Scrupulously independent and objective advice

Advice delivered in writing

Advice that is effective and precise.

  • Chemical relaxing  
  • Permanent waving  
  • Permanent colouring  
  • Bleaching highlighting  
  • Hair extensions