Sara G. Allison, RGN, MIT, WTS, EHRS

sara portraitSara G. Allison, RGN, MIT, WTS, EHRS
10 Harley Street,
London, W1G 9PF
T: (0207) 299 0383

Sara G Allison, WTS Bio:
Sara G Allison's niche is hair loss/thinning in women. 

Sara's experience as a Trichologist is unique as before studying trichology she was a senior nurse specialist in women's health at the most prestigious women's hospitals in the world. 

Sara's primary interests are health, wellbeing and nutrition. She believed that hair is a great barometer and can show the first signs of an underlying condition. It was her frustrations being confined within the UK National Health service that led Sara to start to study trichology and then later went on to study nutrition.  

Sara loved nursing and was reluctant to give it up, so continued for many years working hard having a dual career as a nurse specialist and as a qualified trichologist. She decided to expand her medical knowledge further and became a senior nurse advisor for NHS Direct, followed by her final 5 years as nurse practitioner at University College London's general practice.

2008 Sara finally took the leap and gave up nursing altogether to be solely devoted to her trichology practices at Harley Street, London and Ascot, UK. However, she reaches out and makes profound differences to peoples lives in much greater ways than she could as a nurse. She is regularly asked for expert hair advice and featured in the media internationally. Sara is sought out by many people all over the world including celebrities and large global companies such as Remington.


Sara's experience and studies have lead her to discover a strong link between nutrition with hair & skin, therefore she has developed her own hair & anti ageing supplement, Arkeya Minerals which has tremendous results for her clients and others.

Arkeya Minerals, shortlisted as the best new hair product for the prestigious Pure Beauty Awards 2015, is an advanced formula for the scalp. hair follicles and healthy hair growth. It is a formulation of high quality, bio-active nutrients, developed to deeply nourish and support the healthy growth and condition of hair, Arkeya Minerals delivers its benefits via the bloodstream for optimal results. 


Sara Allison RGN MIT 

10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
020 7299 0383