"Through completion of the coursework and clinical training of WTS, I have learned a great deal and obtained the skillset necessary to not only help current and prospective clients overcome hair loss issues, but also take my business to a new level, able to provide full-circle scope of services as a hair and scalp specialist.  Thanks to this program, I am now a Certified Trichologist! The WTS offers an extremely awesome trichology course and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a certfied Trichologist."
- Karen Flowers (Virginia, USA)

“After finishing the course in just 1 year revenues had increased by more than 15%, I had to hire more personnel, my customers are experiencing far more better results, more and more medicine doctor are trusting me with their patients, I had never been busier in my life. I must say those 3 letters at the end of my name [WTS] have opened a lot of doors for me in the worst economic environment for my country and the worst emotional time for me as well, after the loss of my father. I must thank you and the organization for the success I'm enjoying right now.”
-Sergio Cardona (Puerto Rico)

"Thank you and Dr. David Kingsley for offering this course online. I learned a lot and very much appreciated it."
- Martine Langsam (California, USA)
"What a fantastic experience!!! I want to thank Dr. Kingsley and Debbie for the outstanding support and of course the lovely staff members who also had to put up with us!”
-Loredana Cerilli (Ontario, Canada)