Theresa Mosely, WTS, IAT

T_0719Theresa Mosely, WTS, IAT
Hair Colour Studio/ Scalp Therapy Clinic
9926 Sowder Village Square
Manassas, VA 20109
T: 703-393-6588
F: 703-393-6558

Theresa Mosely, WTS Biography:

I have been a Cosmetologist for over 20 years, and I have been studying Trichology for over 5 years. I got into Trichology because I wanted more answers addressing the reason behind hair loss. I did my initial Trichology training with David Salinger of IAT and completed my clinical training with Dr. David H. Kingsley of the WTS. I have attended many hair loss conferences and continue to work closely with Dr. David H. Kingsley. As an experienced Cosmetologist and Trichologist, all of my clients have received a very thorough analysis of their hair and scalp. I am a member of WTS headed by the world renown Dr. David H. Kingsley and also a member of IAT. I take a holistic approach to hair and scalp problems. I gather detailed information on health, diet, stress, medication, hairstyling practices, and heredity to determine the cause of the hair loss. In addition, I work closely with the clients health practitioner.