World Trichology Society Advisory Board

Members of the World Trichology Society (WTS) Advisory Board are renowned specialists and business leaders who have volunteered to help the WTS continue to meet its aim of being the world leader in education, advocacy and excellence in the field of trichology.

The purpose of the World Trichology Society Advisory Board is to create a sounding board for advice and support for the WTS; and to help to assess specific member needs, to assess trends and new research in the trichological sciences, to determine ways to attract new members, and to continue to keep exacting educational standards for its students.

World Trichology Society Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Alan J. Bauman, MD - hair replacement surgeon
Sergio Cardona, WTS - certified trichologist
Dr. Paul Cotterill, BSc., MD, FISHRS
- hair replacement surgeon
Dr. John Frank, MD - hair replacement surgeon
William Gaunitz, WTS - certified trichologist
Debra Gordon, WTS - certified trichologist
Dr. Apiwat Jengjalern, MD, WTS - certified trichologist
Dr. David Kingsley, PhD, WTS (Chairman) - certified trichologist
Yvonne Kingsley (Administrator) - business owner
Dr. Cap Lesesne, MD - cosmetic surgeon
David Michaels - business owner