The importance of proper transition into a new diet.


by Bissan Debsi, WTS

With the popularity of various diets such as ketogenic, vegan and the like; improper transitioning into the new lifestyle leaves the hair, this beautiful strand lost in between.

For example, while adopting a ketogenic diet, our body takes at least two weeks to adjust to the low carb, high protein/fat intake, this may shock the body while adapting to the unusual high ketone production.  As our bodies function as a whole; any deficiency, shock, or sudden change will affect the health of our hairs first.  Vegetarian diets, as another example, especially when red meat intake is restricted, the body may suffer in particular from iron deficiency or/and vitamin B12 deficiency. Hair, being one of the body’s none essential tissues, needs a constant supply of nutrients to stay healthy. A mindful, slow transition into a new diet that may take more time to im