Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) Course with Personalized Concentration in Trichology

The World Trichology Society is delighted to announce the World’s FIRST university post-graduate degree that incorporates courses in Trichology!

The Society has partnered with the Huntington University of Health Sciences, which offers the doctoral degree of DOCTOR OF SCIENCE (D.Sc.) WITH A PERSONALIZED CONCENTRATION IN TRICHOLOGY that has been accredited by the USA’s Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

This course can be completed online ANYWHERE in the world.

The World Trichology Society is also pleased to announce that our President,
Dr. David H. Kingsley, PhD, FWTS will be overseeing the Trichology component of the course.

This doctoral course is ideal for professionals wishing to learn more about hair & scalp disorders, in particular:

1. Certified Trichologists with a university Master’s degree or equivalent

2. Healthcare providers associated with the hair and scalp
• Physician Assistants
• Nurse Practitioners
• Clinical Pharmacists

3. Scientific researchers

4. Dermatologists

5. Primary care physicians

6. Hair restoration surgeons

7. Dermatology industry representatives with university Master’s degree or equivalent

To register for this D.Sc. course, please contact Huntington University DIRECTLY or visit their website for more information (this course is taken through Huntington University of Health Sciences):