Advanced Scalp Threading Certification

Advanced Scalp Threading Certification – For Medical Professionals

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Instructor: Dr. Elena Arsova

NOTE: This is a Medical Professional level course.

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Explain to the patient what Scalp Threading is, and how it promotes hair growth
  • Show before-after photos of the results of the treatment
  • Diagnose AGA based on elementary trichoscopic signs and clinical features
  • Choose the right patient for the Level 1 treatment
  • Recognize threads differences based on material, structure and dimension
  • hoose the adequate type of threads for your patient
  • Plan the number and distribution of threads for your patient
  • Plan the technique of application
  • Prepare the patient for treatment and give instructions
  • Prepare the materials for the treatment
  • Perform the treatment with guidance
  • Perform the treatment alone
  • Give aftercare instructions to the patient
  • Follow up with the patient