Kerri Jarrett WTS

Kerri Jarrett (Wyspianski)

I am Kerri and have been in the cosmetology industry for well over 20 years, I grew up in the salon. I have worn many hats, including stage artist, educator, marketing professional, sales rep and more. I also have a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. I currently am the acting Web Developer for the World Trichology Society (I designed and built the current site you are navigating). I focus primarily on online as a professional educator and consultant and work behind the chair 1-2 days a week as a Stylist or Trichologist.

I specialize in long hair, hair extensions, hair growth, Epigenetics, and eating for your hair. I strongly believe in food first and stress management (mindful lifestyle); having a trained chef as a husband and a long health journey behind me I have a few things to share. If you would like to pick my brain on the topic of being an online professional in our line of work, marketing/web, or Epigenetics please reach out anytime.

w) | e) | M-F / 9am – 2pm MST | Location: Alberta, Canada