World Trichology Soceity

Mentorship Program

This program is for World Trichology Society Graduates who would like to speak to a Volunteer Mentor about setting up their trichology centers.

As a certified Trichologist through the World Trichology Society, your journey has just begun. If you have questions about setting up your practice in your state/province, or you’re looking for advice as a new Trichology Business owner, you can now call or email one of our Volunteer Mentors and ask all your questions!

For information please submit an email to, and put in the subject line either “I’m Volunteering to Mentor” (if you are looking to become a mentor), or “I’m Looking for Help from a Mentor” (if you want to speak to a mentor).

**Please understand that the WTS Mentors are volunteers and so do not get paid for helping you, so please respect their time.


Tiera Rovello
Tiera Rovello WTS
Kerri Jarrett (Wyspianski)
Kerri Jarrett WTS