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* The causes and treatments
of trichological hair loss and scalp problems
* Latest developments in medical-trichological treatment procedures
* Industry trends, personal development and improving your business
*Trichology science instructive videos for students and certified trichologists
* Hosted by WTS professors

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2)    The “7 H’s of Hair Loss”©

During this 21 minute video, Dr. David Kingsley, PhD, WTS discusses the seven reasons why people lose hair and the treatments for each cause of hair loss.

Includes workbook to be used with the “7 H’s of Hair Loss©” video.

• This video is part of Chapter 1 (Introduction to Trichology) for the Certified Trichologist Course.
• This video is part of Section 1 of the Associate Trichologist Diploma.
• This video is a prerequisite for the Advanced Trichology Course: The Trichological Consultation and is included in Part I: Questions

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3)    Professional Trichology Treatments

For all cosmetologists, trichologists, hairdressers and spa owners! 
Add a new trichology service to your salon/spa!

The British Science Formulations® professional trichology treatments
will increase your income potential and product sales.

With the help of this 12 minute VIDEO, the downloadable manual, and the trichology-specific British Science Formulations® products, you will be able to give your clients an exceptional and professional trichology treatment.

Although the concept of trichology may be new to you, the program is straightforward as it incorporates much of what you experience as a cosmetologist.

This professional trichology treatment method is included in the WTS’s:
•  Certified Trichology clinical training course.
•  Higher Associate Diploma with Honors course.

Only $50.00
(fully credited with first product purchase)

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