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World Trichology Society Post-Graduate Internship

As part of our continuous commitment to Education, the World Trichology Society is offering Post-Graduate internships which are now available wherever you are in the world.

The Post-Graduate Internship includes hands-on training in one of our established Trichology Practices throughout the world.

You can choose to attend a one-on-one or group internship session from one of our Certified Trichologists listed below. These can either be taken online (via Zoom) or in-person at their Trichology center.


Trichology Certification from a WTS approved organization.

To apply, fill out the application below. Once you are approved by the World Trichology Society Committee, you will be directed to the Trichologist of your choice to arrange timings and logistics.

Post Graduate Internship available:
David Kingsley, PhD, FWTS, FIT 

Trichology Center in Staten Island, NY, USA

Currently No Positions at This Time

Sergio Cardona, BSc, FWTS

Trichology center in Puerto Rico