Sara G. Allison, RGN, MIT, WTS, EHRS

sara portraitSara G. Allison, RGN, MIT, WTS, EHRS
10 Harley Street,
London, W1G 9PF
T: (0207) 299 0383

Sara G Allison, WTS Bio:

Sara G Allison’s niche is hair loss/thinning in women. 

Sara G. Allison is not only a world-leading Harley Street trichologist. She is also a registered nurse with extensive senior experience at prestigious London hospitals and university practices, giving her unique perspective and experience in women’s health.

As the owner of Hair Today More Tomorrow, she has created a range of award winning products and services, which have also been praised by celebrities and the media.

Sara began her career specialising in women’s health at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital. She later went on to work as a senior nurse at the world renowned Elizabeth Garret Anderson hospital for women.

Here she obtained further qualifications in reproductive and sexual health, leading her to develop an expertise in the complex issues of female hair loss.

As a qualified trichologist, Sara decided to expand her medical knowledge, and became a senior nurse advisor for the NHS Direct, and a nurse practitioner in general practice, linked to University College London.

In 1999, she decided to focus on trichology and started her own practice and at Harley Street, where she discovered a strong link between nutrition, hair, and skin.

In fact, she found herself recommending lots of different products to treat hair loss, but she was never completely happy with the results. So, she decided to work with a team of specialist scientists to produce a range of high quality hair and anti-ageing products that; boost regular hair growth and shine; produce radiant and refined skin; and develop strong, shiny nails. 

Sara’s Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas offer all the vitamins, minerals, and omegas required to promote healthy hair growth, radiant skin, strong nails, increased energy, and more, in one place. It has all of the anti-ageing properties to make you look, feel, and stay healthy.

Adamant about keeping up to date with the latest advances in research. She incorporates this knowledge into the advice she give her clients and the media. She is regularly featured in the UK media as an expert trichologist and some of her clients are global companies.

Sara now has clinics spread over the UK; Berkshire, Essex, London, Liverpool, Scotland. As well as nationwide nurses available for home visits for blood testing. However she still insists on doing all the consultations herself.


Sara Allison RGN MIT WTS, EHRS
020 7299 0383