Sergio Cardona, BS, FWTS

Post-Graduate Internship outline for Sergio Cardona, BSC, FWTS 

Trikhos Internship with Sergio Cardona, BSc, FWTS 

Meet Sergio Cardona, BSc, FWTS

The internship is a one-week intensive training designed for certified trichologist only. The idea behind the program is to help new and seasoned trichologist work on a one-on-one environment, to push the trainee to excel under pressure and to perform with excellence a comprehensive evaluation. At the same time develop a finely tuned sense for treatment options. The internship also provides business tools and ideas that could be implemented to almost any clinic in the world. 


  • 5 days of full-on education (35+ hrs)  
  • Work with patients under Professor supervision 
  • One-on-one training sessions 
  • Shadow our professor, (watching, hearing, and interacting with patients) 
  • Work on your consultation skills 
  • Work on your trichoscopy skills 
  • Work with a skin moisture meter 
  • How to perform a liposcopy test (sebum meter)
  • How to perform a UV light inspection (wood lamp) 
  • How to work with a compound microscope for a more comprehensive evaluation. 
  • Smart Treatment Approach (choosing the right combination for every case) 
  • How to run a clinic (marketing, client forms, evaluation forms, and management operations) 
  • Learn 3 signature clinic/salon stimulation protocols (laser, galvanic current, high frequency, and micro-needling)** 
  • Learn about scalp microdermabrasion and scalp peeling**
  • Learn about micro-mist hair steamers treatments 
  • Get your trico-confidence, enhance your skills, and much more 

**Note: In Puerto Rico, state law allows some treatments are considered medical in other jurisdictions. Check with your local authorities before performing any service.