Facts About Hair Loss

How many people actually suffer from hair loss?

Hair loss is a condition that effects approximately 60% of women and 85% of men at some time in their lives.

How much hair should I have on my head?

We are born with all of our hair follicles; none are produced after birth. That said, the average person has approximately 80,000 - 150,000 hairs on his or her head, depending on hair type and natural hair color.

What is considered normal hair loss?

The average number of hairs that most people should expect to lose each day is between 40 - 120 hairs. The discrepancy is due to differences in the amount of hair people have on their heads, as well as both hair type and hair growth cycle.

Is all hair loss permanent?

No! It is important to realize that there are many different types and causes of hair loss, not all of which are permanent.


(all numbers are approximate)

Hair Economics:

  • Total hair product industry (2020): $12.5 billion

Hair Structure:

  • Percent of the hair structure is protein (called keratin) 65-95%

Hair Cycle:

  • Growing phase (anagen)
    • duration of phase: 1,000 days
    • % of hair in phase: 90-95%
  • Intermediate phase (catagen)
    • duration of phase: 10 days
    • % of hair in phase: less than 1%
  • Resting phase (telogen)
    • duration of phase: 100 days
    • % of hair in phase: 5-10%
  • Normal hair loss amount per day: 40-120 hairs

Number of Hairs on Head:

  • By Hair Texture:
    • Fine, limp hair: 120,000 - 140,000 hairs
    • Medium, wavy hair: 100,000 - 120,000 hairs
    • Coarse, curly hair: 80,000 - 100,000 hairs
  • By Hair Color:
    • Blonds 140,000 hairs
    • Brunettes 120,000 hairs
    • Dark Brown, Black 90,000 - 100,000 hairs
    • Redheads 80,000 - 90,000 hairs

Speed of Hair Growth:

  • Amount that a single hair strand grows in a month: 1/2 inch (1.2 cm).
  • Total hair growth of each strand per year: 6 inches (14.5 cm) .
  • All hair that grows on the scalp in total per month: 3/4 mile (1 km).
  • Women’s hair tends to grow faster than men’s hair.
  • Speed of hair growth tends to slow down when you reach 50 years of age.

General Hair Loss:

  • Number of people in the U.S. who have excessive hair loss and/or thinning: 70 million        
  • Number of people with genetic hair loss who have no discernable family history of hair loss: 12%
  • Amount of hair loss that usually occurs before excessive hair thinning is noticed: 15-25%

Male Hair Loss:

  • Incidence of genetic hair loss
    • at 20 years of age 20% of men are experiencing some genetic hair loss
    • at 30 years of age 30% of men are experiencing some genetic hair loss
    • at 50 years of age 50% of men are experiencing some genetic hair loss, etc.
    • 80% of male hair loss is genetic.

Female Hair Loss:

  • 60% of all women will notice excessive hair loss at some time in their lives.
  • 30% of women with hair loss are iron deficient.
  • 50% of women with hormonally triggered hair loss have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • 50% of women who give birth have post-partum hair loss
  • 20% of all women have genetic hair loss.


  • Usually takes 3-6 months for ANY treatment regimen to work.

Number of Factors that can Cause Hair Loss:

  • Seven (The 7 H’s of Hair Loss©):
    • Heredity
    • Hormones
    • Health
    • Hassle (stress)
    • Hunger (diet)
    • Healing (medication)
    • Hairdressing mistakes


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