1) Every member shall always and in all respects conduct himself/herself within the law.

2) Members in practice shall ensure that they are adequately licensed by their State, Territory, County, or Government for all aspects of their professional activity; and the member understands that being certified through the World Trichology Society does not fulfill this criterion.

3) Every member shall always and in all respects uphold the reputation of the World Trichology Society and its members.

4) Every member shall deem himself/herself important to the World Trichology Society and act as its ambassador at all times.

5) No member shall conduct himself/herself outside the limits of his/her field of expertise.

6) Members are entitled and requested to apply the suffix ‘WTS’ to their professional names.

7) Members in practice shall ensure that they are adequately insured for all aspects of their professional activity.

8) Web pages:

a. Members’ web pages linked to the Society’s portal must conform to appropriate levels of good taste, accuracy and professionalism.

b. Webpages must state (prominently) that the member is registered with the World Trichology Society.

c. The World Trichology Society has the authority to refuse the inclusion of, or withdraw an existing webpage, which if in the opinion of the Society, fails to meet these criteria.

9) A member must not therein mislead in any way, contravene the law, or suggest that he/she is superior in any respect to colleagues with a similar specialism within the World Trichology Society.

10) Members in professional practice shall not attempt to ’steal’ the patient of another member.

11) Members in practice shall keep accurate records of clients/patients in their care and be prepared to forward such when referring a client/patient into the care of another person.

12) Practitioners shall totally and absolutely respect the confidentiality of their clients/patients.

13) Associates and Affiliates are NOT certified trichologists and cannot indicate in any way, that they are ‘trichologists’.

14) Members are only permitted to teach the WTS trichology courses with the express permission of the WTS advisory board.

15) The World Trichology Society is NOT responsible or liable for any decisions made or actions taken by any of its members and expressly disclaims any and all liabilities or responsibilities for its members.

16) In the event of a member being found to have breached the WTS’s code of ethics, the World Trichology Society has the authority (within the principles of the law of the country) to require an explanation. In extreme circumstances the World Trichology Society may exercise its right to order the removal of that member’s name from the Register of Members, and the removal of that member’s website link from the World Trichology Society’s web pages. If a member is removed, NO refunds of partial dues will be given.  If the member is Certified through the WTS, he/she will forfeit his/her WTS Trichology Certification.

17) Trichology Certification through the WTS is dependent on keeping up to date with new developments in trichology treatments and trichological knowledge.  This is attained, in part, through access to the WTS’s newsletters, conferences, online seminars and Advanced Courses.  Therefore, Trichology Certification through the WTS is ONLY valid with a current membership certificate.

 18) If a person is no longer a Member of the WTS due to removal from the Society for breaching the WTS ethics code, resigning from the WTS, or failing to pay his/her annual dues, that former member is no longer entitled to use the suffix “WTS”, nor have the WTS logo on their website or letter head. Furthermore, the member will forfeit his/her “Certified Trichologist” status through the WTS.

 19) It is the responsibility of each member to keep up to date with any changes to these Ethics and Professional Guidelines (you can request these guidelines at any time).