Kimberly Jenkins WTS

About Kimberly Jenkins WTS:

Kimberly Jenkins is a licensed cosmetologist, WTS certified trichologist, and Bauman certified hair coach. Kimberly has been with Bauman Medical since 2015 where she provides trichological assessments, patient education, scalp treatments and product guidance in SalonB. She is also skilled in the area of non-surgical hair replacement. Before joining the Bauman Medical team, Kimberly owned and operated a hair salon in Boynton Beach, FL. With her strong belief in education, she took her skills and passion and decided to teach cosmetology. Affectionately known as the “scalp whisperer”, Kimberly really enjoys and is passionate about all things hair and scalp related.

Twitter: kimestry2009 
Instagram: Kimestry2009, salonbboca 
Facebook: Kimberly Jenkins
Timings: Wednesdays between 7-9 pm EST 

Preferred contact method, please text: 561-563-5810