Advanced Trichology Course: The Trichological Consultation

This course is for certified trichologists, physicians and other hair-loss specialists and students to learn about how to perform a complete trichological consultation.

The Trichological Consultation

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Learn how to do the best trichology consultation you can do with this two-part video series hosted by Dr. David Kingsley. In these videos, Dr. Kingsley breaks down the consultation into easy to follow individual components, describing in detail what questions to ask, how to ask those questions, what follow up questions to ask and how to differentiate between hair loss conditions. This is a perfect accompaniment for those starting out as certified trichologists and for those trichologists who want to hone their consultation 'skills'.

This course is for certified trichologists, physicians, hair-loss specialists and students who have completed the academic part of their certified trichology course, to learn about how to perform a trichology consultation.

The Trichological Consultation is probably the most important part of being a certified trichologist and one the most difficult parts for a trichologist to master.

The course, which is presented by Dr. David Kingsley, PhD, WTS, suggests the Certified Trichologist is a ‘hair-loss detective’ in that he/she needs to ascertain all the causes of the clients hair loss and then treat each of those causes. With this in mind, a trichologist needs to ask the client the right questions, and also needs to ask the correct follow-up questions.  The trichologist also needs to assess what the hair-loss condition is, and what it isn’t.  

By combining the two parts of the video course–Questions and Assessments–you will be able to achieve a professional and accurate trichology consultation, helping you to suggest the best treatments for your client's condition.


The course includes:

  • Two-part course video
  • Downloadable workbooks (one for each part)
  • Certificate of completion

Course Outline:

The Trichological Consultation Part I:

    • The "7 H's of Hair Loss©" video (21 minutes in length);
    • Questions video (61 minutes in length);
    • workbook.

The Trichological Consultation Part II:

    • Assessment video (74 minutes in length);
    • workbook.

Prerequisites for the Trichological Consultation Course:

ONE of the following-

      • Certification in Trichology;
      • Other Certifications in the field of Hair-Loss Specialism (ex. physician, physician’s assistant, a degree in health sciences, etc.);
      • A student who has completed the academic part of his/her trichology certification course.