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World Trichology Society

The World Trichology Society is an organization dedicated to educating, supporting and promoting trichologists worldwide. It was first formed to help the modern trichologist become better equipped to deal with the continued evolvement of the field of trichology into the 21st century.

The Society works to achieve these goals by promoting the science of trichology and educating future trichologists to exacting standards. Furthermore, it supports its members by helping them stay up to date with the latest research, and so enhancing the care of people who suffer from hair loss.

The Society is also diligent in helping the public through education about the possible causes of hair loss and informing them about the choices of hair loss treatments. It is also committed to providing the public with access to certified trichologists through the World Trichology Society as a helpful step towards receiving qualified advice for a hair loss or scalp condition.

Membership Benefits:

  • Members ONLY Forum (variety of topics and discussions)
  • WTS Live Access (weekly videos posted of interviews and more)
  • Knowledge Base (reports and information on Trichology topics)
  • Private accredited platform to communicate with other qualified Trichology Members
  • Free listing on the public directory for the public to find members (for the term of your membership)
  • To view benefits by membership level download: Members Form