Alumni Testimonials

Life thankfully provides choices. When seeking to choose a trichology school or course of study, World Trichology Society is scientifically based, comprehensive, inclusive and ongoing with its education. Learning begins with course work and clinical training experience, then expands with a multi disciplinary network - a true society. Dr. David Kingsley’s expertise and passion are palpable each session; he brings the student’s didactic preparation to life with clinical examples and scientific reasoning. Program graduates exit well versed in trichology terminology, aware of the demand for continual learning and a spark to begin practice!

Teresa A. Ryan, DPT, MA, WTS

Bissan and Dr. Kingsley, you both have been such great mentors throughout the course [Trichology Certification for Medical Professionals]. You guys were an absolute delight. You made it easier to study, easier to understand the entire concept and ask questions and you even made the topics interesting. I used to look forward to class every day.
I have always been very nervous when it comes to Viva [Voce]’s (oral/verbal exam) since forever, to the point where I have blacked out once right before and yesterday was the smoothest Viva in my life. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Kingsley for changing my view about Viva's. I really wish he took all of my previous Viva's [and] the ones in future too!
I genuinely wanted to thank you both for everything, all the knowledge/information and more importantly being patient with everyone of us. This has been such a wonderful experience.
Dr. Pooja Baidya (Nepal)

This course has been extremely valuable to me as I have been seeking quality and up-to-date information on the topic of hair loss and scalp issues. I was beyond pleased with the delivery, topics, and thorough training I got. I have waited a long time to find an education platform with quality information with the client's needs in mind, including the topics around stress and nutrition. I feel confident that I learned and feel well equipped to do assessments and to be able to help clients with proper hair loss or scalp concerns.

Kerri Jarrett (Alberta, Canada)

"What a fantastic experience!!! I want to thank Dr. Kingsley and Debbie for the outstanding support and of course the lovely staff members who also had to put up with us!”
Loredana Cerilli (Ontario, Canada)

"I've already completed part one [of the Advanced Course] and halfway through part two! Great information on here!"
Melanie Day (Kentucky, USA)

I found the [advanced] course fascinating, the 'Tricho Geek' in me was glowing. It was easy to follow and understand. I enjoyed the live videos, they’re excellent.  Blood is quite complicated so having you explain it functionally as it pertains to Trichology, was entertaining and educational.  Thank you very much again, I truly enjoy learning from you!

Jennifer McCowan (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Your lectures [for the Advanced Course] are really fascinating and gives a new perspective which is often missed and tiny but important things which are often overlooked.

Dr Shanshanwal (India)

Last week [clinical training] was so amazing. Classmates were great, I learned so much.

Lascie Harper (Mississippi, USA)

Working with Dr. Kingsley and the World Trichology Society embedded me with the knowledge I need to pursue my career in the growing field as a hair loss practitioner. In 1994 I suffered a severe head injury in a motor vehicle accident causing me to have a learning disability.  The intense hands on training working with Dr. Kingsley in clinicals allowed me to pull it all together and walk away a confident Trichologist.
Our clinicals consist of a large diverse group from all around the world.  Each student taught me so much and I made some incredible friends.

Joey A. Stagaard, WTS (New Jersey, USA)

Dear Dr. Kingsley I just wanted to let you know much I enjoyed training with you and your Team.
The course was truly wonderful. As a hairdresser I thought I knew a lot about hair and scalp issues, however, after studying with you I realized how much I did not know!
I have learned so much, and the week in your Clinic working for my finals really brought everything together.
I expected the course to be challenging, and it was, but the kindness, patience and understanding of you and your Team made everything so much easier. I am thrilled that I passed my finals and am now slowly working on my plan to bring Trichology to my clients in the salon.
Thank you again.

David Adams (New York, NY)

"Through completion of the coursework and clinical training of WTS, I have learned a great deal and obtained the skillset necessary to not only help current and prospective clients overcome hair loss issues, but also take my business to a new level, able to provide full-circle scope of services as a hair and scalp specialist.  Thanks to this program, I am now a Certified Trichologist! The WTS offers an extremely awesome trichology course and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a certified Trichologist."

Karen Flowers (Virginia, USA)

Wow.  I love this course!  Each time I purchase a chapter I get more excited.
Audette McClure (Guys Hill, Jamaica)

“After finishing the course in just 1 year revenues had increased by more than 15%, I had to hire more personnel, my customers are experiencing far more better results, more and more medicine doctor are trusting me with their patients, I had never been busier in my life. I must say those 3 letters at the end of my name [WTS] have opened a lot of doors for me in the worst economic environment for my country and the worst emotional time for me as well, after the loss of my father. I must thank you and the organization for the success I'm enjoying right now.”

Sergio Cardona (Puerto Rico)

"Thank you and Dr. David Kingsley for offering this course [Advanced Course] online. I learned a lot and very much appreciated it."
Martine Langsam (California, USA)