Pharma Hermetic

Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Program SP55 is a cosmetic treatment formulated with a combination of active ingredients that provide multiple benefits to the hair: • Stimulates hair growth by enhancing the synthesis of proteins necessary for its growth.

• Strengthens the hair bulb so the hair grows stronger, thus preventing it from falling out.
• Enhances the regenerative capacity of the hair follicle.
• Inhibits 5α-reductase, reducing excess sebum on the scalp that weakens the hair.
• Increases resistance to hair breakage.
• Activates the blood supply so that the necessary nutrients can reach the hair bulb.
• Anchoring of the hair bulb, increasing capillary density.  

No injections, no side effects and lasting results

Treatment indicated for: 
o Androgenic alopecia.
o Female diffuse pattern alopecia. 
o Telogen effluvium.
o Alopecia in systemic diseases. 
o Alopecia caused by medication. 
o Hereditary syndromes. 
o Patients who want to increase the speed of hair growth.
o Men and women with excessive hair loss. 
o Patients with very thin and weak hair. 
o Patients who undergo a hair transplant, to improve the survival rate of the graft.
o Patients of any age with hair loss or hair growth problems.
o Hair recovery after chemotherapy.

Pharma Hermetic

Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 – Winner.